General Health

General Health is a large page covering many different articles, it represents mind/body health and more. Come back regularly for some very interesting information! Perhaps you have a topic which you would like me to research and write which I have not so far? Then let me know!

Caffeine – Coffee And Health

Health_Effects_of_CaffeineThis series is not out to persuade you to give up coffee or tea. It is intended to help you become aware of how caffeine affects your health. I’ve heard it said that everything enjoyable is either “illegal, immoral or fattening” – well, caffeine is none of these. But you say: “ Coffee smells so good, it tastes so good and it gives you such a boost, how can it not be good for you”, well it can be but it comes at a cost, there is always seems to be that downside to something that can make you feel so up. Part will focus on caffeine and health, weight and appetite issues. I talk about a patient and his coffee habit caused his high-blood pressure and about Janet’s anxiety and insoknia induced by coffee.

Caffeine -Tea And Green Tea & Caffeine Detox

green teaIn part 1, we spoke about coffee, energy drinks and how caffeine generally can affect your health. In part 2 I’d like to explore tea, especially green tea and polyphenols and give you some options on how to reduce and your caffeine intake as well as detoxify from caffeine.


Do You Think When You Drink?

drinking wine with friendsBy now we will have heard that mild to moderate consumption of red wine reduces the risk of heart disease. This article will explore the risks as well as the benefits of drinking wine and alcohol, a topic which I feel is important to raise with patients I see in the clinic, particularly those with ongoing health challenges.


Wine – Toxic or Tonic?

red wineA brief overview of some of the key wine studies, grapes and pesticide residues, is red wine really the best choice?, testing your liver’s function, and the right diet and nutritional supplements to assist in liver detox.


Love Your Disease

anxiety-410x274This article is a distillation on my thoughts after seeing patients in the clinic for many years. I have read widely on this topic, and expect in time to add many more articles in this category. Some of my favourite authors are Dr. Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, Dr. Ainslie Meares and more.


Teeth – A Hidden Hazard

dental_mercury-600x394This is an amazing topic, all too many people are simply unaware how their teeth and gums can affect their general health.  Do you have root canals? Do you have mercury amalgam fillings? They could be causing you health problems right now. You may be quite surprised!

The 5 Signs Of Health And Longevity

healthy-young-coupleWe have all heard about the warning signs of cancer, or how high your risk factor is for developing Alzheimer’s disease. It is not often that you can read about the positive side to living, in recognising some good health markers in your life. We sometimes think of those that are truly healthy are those that are ‘super-fit’, or perhaps ‘eat everything organic’, or the slimming and beauty culture. In fact, good health can be obtained by anybody, and can often be achieved by learning to balance lifestyle.
Some of the following five health and longevity signs in my article are mentioned in an ancient Chinese Medicine textbook called ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic’ ; I have added a few signs of myself, and given some natural medicine indications as well.You will notice that some of these signs are not just referring to the physical body, but also about matters of social behaviour, morality and spirituality.

Help For The Holidays

family holidaysI’ve think it would be interesting to take a poll to see what month of the year many folk are most frequently ill. If I had to guess, December would be my top choice, with January a close second. The holiday season can take its toll on your health for a number of reasons, including time-consuming holiday preparations, anxiety and stress about family interactions (mother-in law is coming over) and finances (let’s put it on the plastic card & pay next year), worry about finding the right gifts for people and a whole host of other causes. And, for those without close family ties or a strong support system, the holidays can be a lonely, alienating time. Depression, grief and insomnia are common complaints as well, domestic violence and drinking related problems rise then as well. Common health complaints over the silly season include : indigestion, “tummy bugs”, headaches, hangovers, burns from BBQ’s and the sun as well as fatigue. Let’s look at some solutions.

10 Things To Look For When Visiting Your Naturopath

woman at the doctorThis is an article I wrote a few years ago to give readers a few insights into the qualities of a natural health care practitioner which are inmportant interms of chosing a person you will be entrusting with your health. Are they suitably qualified, experienced and professionally registered? Do they have the necessary skills to be able to help you with your problems? Are they trustworthy of your confidence? Eric examines these questions and more.

How Well Do You Look After Yourself?

runningOk, so you are a grown up and can take care of yourself—but how well do you take care of your health? Looking after your health isn’t something you should do after your health crashes or perhaps relegate to the weekends when we you have more time, health is something which needs to be considered long term on a daily basis. It is the little things which you do on a regular basis which all add up to either build health, or slowly erode it.