Environmental Toxicity

Global warming, environmental pollution, chemicals, etc. These and many more topics are of concern to many of us concerned not just about our health, but particularly the health of our children. I talk about plastics and fish farming. Keep posted, plenty more to come on this page, I can assure you.

More Plastic than Plankton

We live in an ocean of plastic, a far cry from the sixties when I grew up. Whatever happened to paper and cardboard? Learn about Bisphenol a, a plasticiser which is now linked to different cancers – especially breast cancer. President Obaba is serious enough to spend 30 million dollars to find out more.

Mould – the New Asbestos

Do you live in a leaky building? The health experts said for years that asbestos was safe and not linked to health problems. Are we being complacent about moulds too? I mould the new asbestos?

Something Fishy about Salmon

Have you ever wondered why pink salmon is so cheap? Because it is farmed, unlike red salmon. When I grew up,all salmon (like chicken) was expensive. Now chicken is very cheap, and so is pink salmon.The farming of salmon is very popular today – but is it healthy? You be the judge, I’ll stick with red salmon at  5 dollars a can, at least I’m getting the real deal.