Elderly Residents Face Malnutrition

elderly residents

57% of Elderly Residents Risk Sub- Clinical Malnutrition

The percentage I’m quoting here are from the area I live in New Zealand, this percentage may be different where you live, but you will find it could be more or less. The point of this articl is to outline the fact that many of our older citizens are just not getting the required nutrition, and many even suffer from malnutrition.

The study from the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (New Zealand) showed 57 percent of over-65’s in the region were not eating properly which could lead to a loss of independence or a hospital stay, The Dominion Post reported. Out of an estimated 7518 people, a third would be high-risk. Those at highest risk were those living alone or Maori elderly (our indigenous population). Some elderly did not believe they needed to eat as much as younger people, could not cook or thought it was normal to lose weight with age, the study found. It said there were three steps to becoming obviously malnourished starting with having these 3 risk factors at which point the condition started affecting an older person’s health, leading to “sub-clinical malnutrition”.

  1. Being on a low income
  2. Living alone
  3. Having a restricted diet

Eric’s comment: Do you have an elderly mother or father? Are they under medical care or perhaps in a retirement village? Have you made sure mum or dad are eating well, a balanced and nutritious meal daily? I’m sorry to say that I’ve heard many a horror story of older folks living in dreadful situations – handfuls of pharmaceutical drugs and a shocking diet. White bread, lots of cups of tea and plain biscuits, packet soups and the mandatory “drugs to lower cholesterol”, “heart pills”, and up to a dozen toxic concoctions which give multiple side-effects. Is this a dignified exit for a person in their twilight years? How many older people live in under developed countries that fair better than our New Zealand elderly? Probably better food, more family support and no toxic drugs to cause them a side-effect ridden misery as they age. Love your parents, take them for regular assessments and question their prescriptions. Check on their diet and make the right changes. Do they have problems chewing, pooping, sleeping, with energy, etc? Get the basics right and they will be able to enjoy their remaining years in comfort.

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