Digestive Problems

Plenty of very useful information here. Digestive problems are the bread and butter of the naturopath. We tend to get many patients with unresolved digestive problems with many having their root cause in a dietary or lifestyle habit in need of a change. There are many causes of “gut” problems, and I always try to delve into the case history to find what caused the problem. I have specialised in dysbiosis, or poor bacteria and candida and tried to research all I can in these areas. If you suffer with digestive problems you are sure to find some very useful information amongst these articles.

Mouth Ulcers

mouth ulcerDo you get mouth ulcers? My guess is that everybody gets a mouth ulcers from time to time. A mouth ulcer is also known as an apthous ulcer or, in American English, a canker sore. A mouth ulcer is an open sore inside the mouth, or rarely a break in the mucous membrane or the skin of the lips or surrounding the mouth. They can be small round and painful sores in the mouth which can really interfere with eating and brushing your teeth. These sores can have a red appearance with a whitish centre. Two common types are mouth ulcers (apthous ulcers or canker sores) and cold sores (fever blisters, oral herpes). Cold sores however around the lip are caused by viruses. Let’s look at the best natural cures for mouth ulcers and ways to relieve this painful condition.

hnm2Book Review – Heartburn No More

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Food Poisoning

gallstone painFood poisoning is a common and distressing problem for many people around the world today. People infected with food borne organisms may be symptom-free or may develop symptoms ranging from mild intestinal discomfort to severe dehydration, bloody diarrhoea, or in more serious and untreated cases–even death. The two most common forms of food borne illness are salmonella and campylobacter infections. Have you ever heard somebody tell you, in summer particularly, that they developed a problem with their tummy after they went to a barbecue or out eating at somebody’s place? I have heard this  many times over the years, and as a naturopath have seen many people in the clinic with “sore tummies”.  Let’s explain all about these “funny tummies” and give you you some solutions.


constipationDo you go every day? As a general rule, you should have at least one preferably two motions daily, and not too far away from your meals either. Do you want major health problems in future years? Get that bowel working daily NOW! If you not at least have one bowel motion each and every day, or if you have inconsistent motions – in terms of how often (frequency), how they look (texture) then you have constipation. In this article we will explore some causes and effects of constipation, and also take a look at how some diets can be a real problem with this annoying complaint and I’ll also give you some tips on how to improve this complaint. I have yet to find a case yet which cannot be corrected with natural methods, and over 90% of constipation will respond to simple adjustments in lifestyle.

Celiac, Gluten and Wheat Allergies

celiac-disease-villi-normalThere is fairly strong evidence that 10,000 years ago most humans did not consume many grains at all; and certainly no toast with jam and a cuppa each morning. Humans were hunter-gatherers who subsisted mostly on vegetables and meats. But, 10,000 years is a very short time in a biological sense for humans: in fact, over 99 percent of our genetic make-up was already in place before we ever started consuming wheat and making our daily bread. Many scientists now believe that our digestive systems have not really changed much at all biologically over tens of thousands of years – but our diets, especially the grains we consume, are a far cry from what they used to be. This series will explore wheat, gluten, allergies and intolerances. A good read for celiacs and those who don’t like to eat wheat, like me.

Celiac, Gluten and Wheat Allergies – 8 Tips For The Celiac

gluten free breadPart 1 was all about gluten intolerance and celiac disease. We also mentioned that celiac disease (CD) is actually not quite as rare as was originally thought and is often missed as a diagnosis. Part 2 will expand by explaining a gluten-free diet, the diagnosis of the gluten intolerant, “I am gluten intolerant, can I still eat my rolled oats in the morning?”, “Can I eat rice?”, and will concluded with Eric’s Eight Tips for the Genuine Celiac.

Fermentation, Dysbiosis And Stress Are All Causes Of Digestive Problems

stomach problemsIn this article I have listed the three major causational factors which come to the rise in gastrointestinal conditions, and are often at the seat of many chronic diseases. If the digestive system functions in optimal health, then the rest of the body can expect excellent health. Dr. Leo Galland has been one of my mentors over the years, and has taught me through his writing that if the gut doesn’t work, then nothing else generally will. Do you go to your practitioner, present with many complaints, and also have a digestive disorder? In my clinic that is where we stop – we get the digestion working well. Symptomatic treatment is a waste of time generally, until you have overcome your “GI Blues”.

Gallbladder Problems – The Signs and Symptoms and Who Is At Risk

gallbladder_1Gallbladder disease is one of the leading causes of problems with digestion that result in hospital admissions. Did you know that around 10% of the population has gallstones? More men than women suffer from acute gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis), whereas more women than men experience gallstones (men have more kidney stones), and married women with children have more gallstones than unmarried women. In part 1 we look at the gallbladder’s function, who is most at risk of gallbladder disease, the typical signs and symptoms, the “four f’s”, and signs and symptoms of impending gallbladder troubles.

Gallbladder Problems – The Most Effective Treatment

gallbladder_1In this article, we take a look at food allergies and gallbladder problems, recurring gallbladder pain (common), how is your back?, life after gallbladder removal, the best supplements and herbs to take, a suitable diet, castor oil packs, the liver-gallbladder flush, recommendations for stopping further gallbladder attacks and 3 tips from an American doctor on what to do after you have passed gallstones.


hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are swollen veins which are situated around the anus and in the rectal area, they are most always situated in the very lowest portion of the colon. The actual word hemorrhoid comes from “hemo” (The Greek word for blood) and rhos (The Greek word for discharging). Hemorrhoids are also known as piles which comes from the Latin word meaning “ball”. Did you know that hemorrhoids are actually a type of varicose veins, but lot in the legs? These pesky little protrusions of veins can enlarge and as the veins lose their elasticity they can result in sac-like protrusions which push into the anal canal. Good recommendations here on how to deal with annoying and embarrassing problem.

Heartburn (Helicobacter Pylori)

heartburnDo you suffer from heartburn, reflux or burping? Perhaps you rely on a medicine to help settle your tummy. I have written on digestive disorders on several occasions previously, but this time I would like to write specifically on a little bacterium called labourobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection is recognised as the most prevalent bacteria to infect the human population in the entire world. You may well identify the following problem, and if you do, don’t despair. It actually is possible to free from heartburn, reflux or a low grade queasiness, which affects so many people.

The 5 Tests To Determine Digestive Function

home testsThe are many tests you can do to determine the function of the gastrointestinal tract, here are the five tests I commonly use in my clinical practice and have done so for over fifteen years. This article covers intestinal permeability testing, stool analysis, hair analysis, food allergy testing and the urinary indican test.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

premenstrual painIn a nut shell, leaky gut syndrome (LGS) describes a condition of altered or damaged bowel lining, caused by antibiotics, toxins, poor diet, parasites or infection can lead to increased permeability of the gut wall to toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste or larger than normal macromolecules.


The Intestinal Flora and Probiotics

probioticsThe moment you began passing through the birth canal during labor, your body began coming into contact with, and picking up, a host of beneficial bacterial microorganisms. These beneficial bacteria, which are absolutely essential to proper human function, entered your body through your mouth as you passed through the birth canal. From there, they rapidly made their way into your intestinal tract, where they established themselves in large colonies. As you might guess, mother’s milk contains just the right ingredients to nourish these friendly bacteria once they become established in your intestines. It was once thought that the human digestive system has about 400 to 500 different species of bacteria in the bowel, but recent research in America has found that there may be over 15,000 different species.

Ulcerative Colitis

ulcerative colitisIt is surprising how common ulcerative colitis is today, I used to see a case every two to three months in the late 1980’s, but now I see almost one case every fortnight. Could this be that more u/colitis patients seek help by way of natural medicine, or could it be that this condition has become much more prevalent? Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an auto-immune condition causing bowel disease in which the lining of your large intestine (colon) becomes inflamed. This inflammation can lead to the formation of raw sores, or ulcers, causing pain and bloody diarrhea at any age, but many people who get initially are in their early twenties, and for most, UC comes and goes for the rest of their lives. UC patients who experience flare-ups (if you have UC you will know what I mean) on very regular basis can experience a major improvement if they just follow a few simple rules which we will go into soon. Please read this testimonial below, a bad case cleared up entirely in one year. No more colitis.

Ulcerative colitis that was limiting my husband’s life – It cleared up in 1 year

“Dear Eric, many thanks for the time you have spent with my husband and his troublesome bowel complaint of ulcerative colitis in the past. My husband told me to say that being a farmer, in the past he would have as soon consulted a witch-doctor as a Naturopath. However, all that has changed since the success of his treatment with you and he’s now firmly convinced of the benefits of whole-body health. He says that while the drugs given him by the medical specialist for his colitis certainly made the symptoms go away in the short-term, as soon as he cut down the dose, the symptoms would reappear. There were a lot of undesirable side-effects too and the prognosis for long-term use of the drugs was not looking good for Rob’s overall health.

When he mentioned to our chiropractor, Dr. X, that he was looking for a long-term solution to good health, rather than just taking drugs for the rest of his life, Dr. X recommended that he consult you. Rob was very impressed by the accuracy of your diagnosis and treatment for him, that enabled the leap of faith that it took to follow up the rest of your recommendations. At first the recommended change in diet was difficult for him, but I made sure we always had the right food available in the house as you said, and after a couple of months it became second nature. A year down the track, the symptoms that were limiting his life so severely have now cleared up entirely. Rob is a lot healthier and has heaps more energy. Rob is now really self-monitoring and takes responsibility for his own health by making conscious decisions about what he eats instead of leaving his health to chance. However, this is not a struggle, more just a lifestyle change for the better. ( Indeed, through the knowledge we’ve gained, we’re even implementing changes in our farming practice because we’re now totally convinced that “you are what you eat”. Our aim is now to produce healthier food using a properly balanced approach, from the soil on up.) For myself, I’m delighted to see Rob healthy and enjoying life again!

Eric, thanks so much, your treatment has made such a huge difference, not just to Rob’s quality of life, but also to that of our family as a whole! You can use this information as you like, to help your patients. We fly out today and will see you on our return from overseas holiday.

Kindest Regards, Robyn, Havelock North, New Zealand, June 2006