Colds, Sinus, Influenza and Immunity

This page is all about immunity. You will find a two-part series on asthma which include my comprehensive asthma treatment plan. Also – a two-part series on auto-immunity, diseases like lupus, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, grave’s disease and more are covered. There is a two -part series about sinusitis, one of my more popular series I have written over the years. Lots of information which I have found most useful in the twenty years I have been involved with natural medicine.

Your Immune System

This is a superbly written article explains how your immune system works. Whilst it is a bit technical, you should be able to make sense out of it, particularly when you re-read it.

Auto-Immune Disorders – Diagnosis & Conventional Treatment

Did you know that autoimmune disease is one of the top ten killers of women? Auto-immune conditions constitute a large group of diseases which basically have their origin in faulty immune function. Your immune system is a very complex network of cells and cell components that normally work to defend the body. Normally, the immune system is capable of differentiating “self” from “non-self” tissue. However, when a person has an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakenly turns on itself, targeting cells, tissues and organs of your own body. Many different autoimmune diseases exist, each one affecting the body in different ways. Part 1 will focus on the diagnosis, the ANA test, conventional drug treatments, stress and toxic exposure as being some prime causes, rheumatoid arthritis case study, three examples of auto-immune disease and toxic exposure from my clinic.

Auto-Immune Disorders – Causes & Natural Solutions

This article will continue with auto-immune conditions but look at little more closely at some of the primary causes and offer some solutions as to the prevention and treatment of various  auto-immune conditions. We look at immunity and the “hygeine hypothesis”, the mind/body connection, turning off the pain of inflammation, the anti-inflammatory diet, how being overweight will increase inflammation, functional medicine testing, digestive health and auto-immunity and nutritional supplements and herbal medicines for auto-immune conditions. I find it absolutely amazing that we have such major group of diseases which cause lots of health problems particularly in women which account for such a high number of death and disability, yet we have absolutely no real concrete idea of the cause in most cases.

Sinusitis – Causes, Symptoms & Antibiotics

How many people do you know that sniff, clear their nose or throat, or have a handkerchief up to their nose? Some sinus sufferers have an almost continual facial pain or low grade headache, some rely on drugs like pseudoephedrine, paracetamol or even steroidal nasal sprays to get relief from this awful affliction. Sinusitis may be the cause of an annoying condition known as post-nasal drip, where catarrh (mucus) drains almost continually from the sinus cavities down the back of the throat. I thought it prudent to write this two-part article, because I have had three sinusitis patients so far this week. Part 1 looks at what the sinuses are, typical sinusitis signs and symptoms, the two man types of sinusitis, the main causes and I explain why antibiotics are clearly NOT the answer.

Sinustitis – Conventional Treatment and Natural Suggestions

This article goes further and will explain all about the conventional (drug) treatment of sinusitis, about nasal polyps, nasal irrigation, the sinus diet, nose blowing, the right nutritional supplements and herbs for sinus including a sound sinus treatment plan as well as both acute and chronic treatment plans. Do you still rely on drugs for sinus relief? After reading and implementing my two sinus articles, you won’t have to anymore. Treat the cause – not the symptoms.