Celtic Sea Salt Uses

How To Use Celtic Sea Salt

We used to stock Himalayan Salt, until we did some research and found that the world’s best salt is the Hand Harvested Celtic Sea Salt. We like to recommend the best products on our website, these are the very products we use at home and recommend in our clinic.  Now that you have decided to invest in REAL salt, and not that supermarket refined stuff, here is a great page which outlines some of the many uses of real hand harvested Sea Salt

Waterless Cooking

Cut vegetables to desired size and shape, place in a heavy base saucepan. Sprinkle with a little Hand Harvested Sea Salt and add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Simmer gently with lid on until water has evaporated
and vegetables are tender. Hand Harvested Sea Salt brings the water out of the vegetables so they cook in their own juices.

Decanting a Water Solution

Prepare a solution of salt by putting 4 level tablespoons of Hand Harvested Sea Salt crystals in one litre of cold water, stir, then allow to settle for 8 hours. Let the rich mineral sediment settle on the bottom. Gently pour off the top liquid until all clear liquid has been gathered. Suitable for salad dressings, pancakes and wok cooking. The rich clay mineral sediment can be stored separately and used as “poultice’ for cuts & bruises.

Therapeutic Bath

Mix Celtic Sea Salt with your favorite essential oils to create a therapeutic bath.

Celtic Sea Salt – General Health Uses

  • Ideal for all animals especially involved in racing & other sports.
  • Mix salt with water and use as a mouthwash or throat gargle.
  • Use dry to preserve salad greens.
  • Add to boiling water to keep cracked eggs intact.
  • Beaten in with Egg Whites to make them fluffier.
  • Soak apples to freshen.
  • Use in boiling water to increase the intensity of heat and shorten cooking time.
  • Mix with water for rinsing your fish fillets to help hold flavour.

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