Common Causes Of Male Yeast Infections

snacking on junk

The Most Common Causes of Male Yeast Infections

The most common ways for men to not only get but to maintain a yeast infection are lifestyle and diet. I have found that dietary habits such as beer, (any regular favourite form of alcohol), sweets, chocolate, cookies (biscuits) and various snack and sweet foods are some of the main triggers. Other factors include the use and abuse of antibiotics and prescription drugs, sexual relations (without adequate hygiene thereafter) and stress or burn-out. Other guys I have seen who complain of jock itch can be mechanics, do welding or who work in occupations requiring them to wear coveralls such as production line work, etc.

Stress and Burn-Out

A little know cause of a yeast infection is stress and burn-out (which lowers immunity and causes adrenal fatigue). I can highly recommend that you read my articles on stress, burn-out and adrenal fatigue as these are some of the most powerful causes in the 21st century of many different health complaints. Men are working harder and under more stress than ever. Men, are you looking after your body?

A weakened immune system allows a yeast infection to proliferate and this will occur by way of several mechanisms. For example, the hormone called cortisol will become low which is vital for a powerful immune response and a body which is slightly acidic will allow a yeast infection to continue unabated.  The “good” bacteria become weakened and overpowered by the bad bacteria and yeast, allowing an overgrowth to occur in the intestinal tract.

Snacks Can Lead To Yeast Infections

Men are prone to refrigerator snacking, my father was a big man and couldn’t resist a snack most nights. He was always on the hunt for something out of the kitchen cupboards (usually home baking, cookies, a chocolate bar, etc) or out of the refrigerator (ice cream, cold cuts, sausages, left-overs, etc). Dad had a bad case of candida yeast infection and had several trips to the doctor and was also referred to the gastroenterologist due to his constant diarrhoea, gas and bloating. He was always scratching his groin and I can remember the copious gas and his moldy feet were very offensive at times.

Do you snack? Are the yeasts “calling your name” at night or after a meal, are you the guy who wants something sweet quite regularly? Then you will almost certainly have a yeast infection. Bear this in mind: that snack you took from the refrigerator which was left overnight has probably started to grow molds and spores on it. You probably didn’t warm it thoroughly in that microwave and bingo – you just transferred bugs into your susceptible digestive tract. More yeast, and so the cycle continues on. The yeast parasite demands to be fed on a regular basis and you will more than likely feed it, until you realize you have it, and do something about it. This will only come when you have read about a yeast infection or actually had a stool analysis which screens for candida. You had a BIG problem if your stool test can actually culture candida, which tells me you are passing live and active yeast into your bowel motions.

The common food products in your fridge are universally contaminated with molds and fungus. We all unknowingly eat them thinking they are perfectly safe, they maybe to those with a strong digestion, but for those with a yeast infection they are food. Yeast is naturally occurring in your body, and it is only when the good bacteria to yeast ratio in your digestive system becomes unbalanced, allowing the yeast fungi to thrive which then spread to other parts of your body.