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Metabolic Syndrome

Those with metabolic syndrome are often in the BBC. I\’m not referring to the British Broadcasting Commission, rather the \”Big Bum Club\”. You may want to read these articles if they are curious. Readers familiar with my work will chuckle because they know what I mean! This article defines a \”sin-drome\” called Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome-X which was first brought top our attention by Gerard Reaven in the late 80\’s.
Metabolic Syndrome is more common than you think, in fact you probably know somebody right now with this syndrome. The tragedy is that the Western medical profession tends to treat the individual symptoms – such as high blood pressure, blood sugar disorders and even extreme treatments such as obesity surgery. Instead – the focus should be on early intervention with the right dietary and lifestyle changes. Is Metabolic Syndrome a \”genetic\” problem? Nonsense, genes change extremely slowly, about a half a percent in a million years. Metabolic Syndrome is a problem which is getting worse as our affluent Western lifestyle develops more and more. It does not exist in the under developed nations, it is the pinnacle of our affluence. Lots of good advice here.