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According to the medical profession, arthritis is a \’serious health condition with no known cure\’, and the patient is generally placed on pain-killing pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of their life. These kinds of drugs come at a huge cost to the patient\’s health, they undermine the stomach\’s function and wreak havoc causing further symptoms, symptoms that need treating with – you guessed it, even more drugs. This is great news for the drug companies, but not for you, the patient.

Arthritis is the single greatest cause of disability in many developed nations, and it is less common in the under developed nations they have a different diet and lifestyle. Many millions of people are affected by arthritis during their lifetime, and many will not be able to work this year due to their arthritis.

Did you know that children get arthritis too, and women get arthritis more than men? There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Sports and other injuries commonly lead to arthritis later in life. You can do a lot for yourself to make coping with arthritis easier, and my articles will show you how to not only cope, but lessen your dependence on those toxic drugs, and maybe even stop them altogether like many of my patients have.

I\’ll show you a lot of tips and tricks you may not know, plenty of lifestyle and dietary advice you may not get form your doctor. Enjoy reading these articles on different forms of arthritis.