Candida Recipes

Candida Crusher Recipes

Have you noticed that one of the most difficult things to figure out when you have a yeast infection is to work out exactly what you can and can’t eat? My book Candida Crusher book contains over two hundred pages of the most comprehensive diet and nutrition available, and while it contains many different kinds of hints and tips on special kinds of foods to help eliminate a yeast infection, it was not designed as a Candida cook book itself.

Candida Crusher contains many different lists of foods you should avoid, and also of the best dietary choices you can make if you have a yeast infection, but how do you make healthy and nutritious meals out of all this information?

Many of these recipes include garlic, yogurt, coconut oil, oregano and several other notable anti-fungal foods and beverages. Here now are some great Candida suitable recipes to get you started so that you won’t feel too deprived once you get really into the Candida Crusher Diet.