Cancer is an area that has touched each and every one of us. I have written a four-part series which is very popular with many people. It seems that where ever I travel throughout New Zealand, somebody knows somebody who has read my cancer articles! I hope you find some of the information useful. Be sure to look in particular at the cancer dietary recommendations.

Cancer – Background, Politics and Causes

Almost certainly you will have heard of, or know someone, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are personally touched by a cancer diagnosis. In 2004, around 16,000 people were diagnosed with cancer, and around 7,500 died from it. Among women, cancer is now the leading cause of death in New Zealand, accounting for 26 percent of deaths. In the past decade alone, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by 21 percent. Each day in NZ, 44 people are diagnosed with cancer, and on average 22 will die of cancer (that’s nearly one person hour). This article talks about how cancer treatment is about informed choice – your choice. We look at some fallacies about combining natural medicine and oncology. The best of both worlds.

Cancer – The Best Foods To Eat When You Have Cancer 

In this article we explore what is best to eat when you have cancer, next month let’s have a look at what is good to take in terms of supplements & herbs. Before we go any further, it is important for you to bear in mind, that your doctor or oncologist has had very little if any training in understanding how nutrition has any impact on human health, let alone cancer. And, would you believe, it was only very recent in history that medical science would accept that a person’s diet had any bearing on their level of health and disease at all!

Cancer – Vitamin C And The Four Best Herbs In Cancer

This article: Vitamin C and the “fab four” cancer herbs. I will run out of room if I try to cover all the nutritional supplements suitable for a person with cancer, so let us focus on Intravenous Vitamin C and four specific herbs for cancer therapy. I’d like to conclude the cancer series with one more article on nutrients, which include lycopene, indole-3-carbinol, Folic acid, OPCs, and more specific nutritional contingent factors.

Cancer – The Best Dietary Supplements In Cancer

I am very impressed with how many people are treating their cancer with the successful combination of natural medicines and oncology. I have heard many positive and inspiring stories, and seen cancer patients with improving health, all benefiting from natural medicines and/or combined with conventional oncologic therapies. This month lets us focus on specific supplements for cancer, and why I would recommend them. One thing I’d like to mention right at the start in terms of cancer and natural medicines is to please be careful about fads and “instant promise of a cure” herb or supplements. Be particularly cautious with internet websites, many websites are primarily aimed at marketing a product or service, nothing more and nothing less. No science here, just purely profit driven. I have given up counting how many cancer patients come into my office with various ‘research articles’ on herbs from the rainforest, minerals, lotions and potions all derived from the internet, some making totally outrageous claims. Some people actually believe this hype and part with lots of money to purchase products with little or no scientific validation. Act in haste – repent at leisure they say.

Childhood Cancer

According to the NZ Child Cancer Foundation, each week on average in New Zealand four children and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer. When we think of cancer, we tend to think of the adult with breast, bowel or prostate cancer, and generally there will be an adult that we personally know or have heard of who has passed away from cancer. But did you know, apart from accidents, that cancer is still unfortunately the most common cause of death of children in NZ ? In this article we will take a closer look at childhood cancer, look at some potential causes and outline a few strategies I have found useful of coping with and supporting a child with cancer.

10 Tips To Avoid Cancer

Slash Your Cancer Risk With These Hot Tips. The following cancer tips were mentioned at the Holistic Cancer Congress NZ in Auckland, NZ in March/April 2012. www.holisticcancercongress.com  You will find many good ideas in this article, just follow as many as you can to optimise your chances for the prevention of many forms of cancer. But if you have been diagnosed, by following these tips faithfully you will increase your chances of the best possible outcome.