Naturopath Eric is passionate about helping people improve their lives with natural medicine. He is well known in Australia and New Zealand for his ability to write and speak on natural medicine and is frequently requested to speak on different topics for various organisations. He is well published online with many hundreds of articles written over the past 27 years, but has finally placed his work in one convenient location – on his website ericbakker.com

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The domain www.ericbakker.com itself was born out the unexpected popularity of Eric’s articles which he has been authoring for many years. Eric is an acknowledged expert in the fields of natural health and wellness. He has been sharing his knowledge  for almost three decades, and in recent years has been spending more time sharing his vast knowledge of clinical medicine, natural living, super foods, and nutrition based healing through his popular seminars.  His main focus is to give people the tools and knowledge that will enable them to change their body at the cellular level on their own, without having to resort to needless and often toxic pharmaceutical drugs or unnecessary surgery.  This may be done by eating a natural diet, and/or making alternative lifestyle changes that will benefit their overall well-being, health, and mental clarity. Eric’s articles reflect his philosophy.

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