Weight Management

Eric Bakker N.D.April 4, 2022

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Have you tried to lose weight? You may have tried a “diet” of some description like so many, only to discover that it all went back on. Read The Great Diet Debate, and you will see my views on popular diets like Atkins and the Zone. It’s all about eating healthy and sensibly. No tricks, no gimmicks, just common sense.

Children Need Weight Loss Too

When I was a kid at school in the 60's, every classroom had at least one overweight kid. About half of kids in classrooms today are considered overweight or obese. In the last ten years alone, the percentage of overweight children...

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Fat Burning And Weight Maintenance Tips

This is a good page for those who want to lose weight naturally. Have you struggled with your weight and found it hard not just to lose weight, but to maintain that weight loss and stay slim? Read on, I’ve...

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Weight Loss And The Low Carb Approach

Weight Loss And The Low Carb Approach ebak June 1, 2014 The Dr. Atkins Weight Loss Approach People always ask Naturopaths the same old question: “Should I be on a high or low protein diet to lose and maintain my weight?”...

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One In Four Obese

Do You Eat Junk Foods And Limit Activity? The number of obese men has almost doubled in the past decade, according to shocking figures showing the nation is getting fatter faster. This is so for New Zealand, but if you...

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41 Percent Now Obese

So why are so many people overweight, why do so many men and women struggle in their quest to shed those love handles? There are many answers to these questions, but in my opinion some of the main reasons are...

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