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Men can often ignore possible health problems and avoid seeing your doctor, it's a well known fact. This category includes some important health conditions for men to be aware of and things they can do to keep well.


Gout is a type of arthritis marked by extreme joint pain, redness, and tenderness. Gout is caused when too much uric acid crystallises and accumulates in the joints, it causes extreme pain, redness, and swelling in joints, most commonly the...

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Male Infertility

Did you know that the quality of men's sperm in many Western countries has dropped more than 50% in the past twenty years? – this represents the most dramatic drop of any Western country.  A gathering of international fertility researchers...

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Men’s Health – From 20 to 50 and Beyond

Guys, does it not make sense to maintain health and wellness, your most valuable asset, rather than manage sickness as you age? It makes sense for men to look and address some core issues affecting their long term health and...

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Is Your Drinking Getting In The Way Of Your Living?

When we think about a person with a drinking problem images come to our mind of a disheveled and intoxicated person who may have a noticeable odor of alcohol about them. We may think that a person who is an...

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Jock Itch

Jock itch (Tinea Cruris) can be isolated in patches, for example affecting the inner thigh, or it may be more extensive and even involve the entire groin area. From clinical experience, I know this from personal reasons to be one...

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur when  a man is unable to obtain or maintain an adequate erection in order to achieve sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can indicate either a medical or psychological problem. It can lead to anxiety, relational conflict, and...

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