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Eric Bakker N.D.May 30, 2022

In this category you will find many articles relating to health conditions caused or affected by hormone problems. You'll learn about diet and lifestyle and how they relate to imbalances in your endocrine (hormone) system.

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Do you feel bloated, angry, or simply not yourself? Hormone fluctuations could be to blame. Hormones are chemical "messengers" that influence the activity of your cells and organs. It's common for your levels to fluctuate throughout your life, such as before and during your period, throughout pregnancy, and during menopause. However, certain medications and health concerns can cause your levels to fluctuate.

Fatigue Syndrome

We're all exhausted sometimes. The reasons are typically clear: Too many late nights, too much work, a baby keeping you awake But prolonged weariness or exhaustion is not normal. I've found stress to be a key feature of fatigue. Learn...

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Even though doctors have known for a long time that infertility is a medical problem, people who have it still tend to feel ashamed and keep it a secret. This can make it hard to ask friends and family for...

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Hypothyroidism is a common, treatable disorder that currently is poorly managed by Western medicine with the current drug-based approach. Over the many years of practice, I have seen many hundreds of patients exhibiting many of the signs and symptoms of...

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Thyroid and Selenium

Selenium is critical when it comes to your thyroid's health and well-being. Research was conducted in the year 2000 and an interesting article was published in British medical journal called The Lancet which highlighted the significance of selenium when it...

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The Adrenal And Thyroid Connection


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