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Eric Bakker N.D.April 1, 2022

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Doctors discovered in the 19th century that a system of tubes and channels connects the ears, nose, and throat. They created unique tools to examine these ENT regions more closely and created solutions to problems. There was the birth of a new medical speciality called otolarynology. This category looks at sinusitis and more.    


This article will focus on both acute and chronic sinusitis causes, signs and symptoms. In part 2, you'll be able to read all about sinusitis treatment. How many people do you know that sniff, clear their nose or throat, or...

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Sinusitis Treatment

Treatment for acute sinusitis is mainly limited to symptom alleviation using pain relievers, warm compress, and nasal saline rinses. Some may have you believe that antibiotics may be necessary for chronic sinusitis, but maybe you don't need to go down...

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