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Cancer is an area that has touched each and every one of us. I've written a four-part series which is popular. It seems that where ever I travel throughout New Zealand, somebody knows somebody who has read my cancer articles. I hope you find some of the information useful. Be sure to look in particular at the cancer dietary recommendations.

Cancer Prevention Better Than Cure

Cancer will soon be the top cause of mortality in the US. It will likely be the leading cause of mortality this century. This is the first time in history that cancer will be the leading cause of death. The...

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Cancer Diet

Everyone with a chronic condition, even if it isn't cancer, should eat protein, good fats, whole grains and nutrients, if they wish to remain in good health. If possible, make these dietary changes well before starting any cancer therapy to...

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Herbs For Cancer

With cancer, there is a tendency for many people to believe that all natural medicines and herbal medicines are harmless, whilst the general medical consensus is that it is very wrong to mix any natural medicines with conventional chemotherapy and...

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Nutritional Supplements For Cancer Patients

Some vitamins or minerals could interfere with how well cancer drugs work. Antioxidant supplements such as co enzyme Q10, selenium and the vitamins A, C and E can help to prevent cell damage. Although there is some evidence that taking...

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Childhood Cancer

According to the NZ Child Cancer Foundation, each week on average in New Zealand four children and teenagers are diagnosed with cancer. If you live in America or the UK, you will probably find statistics to be similar. When we...

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How To Avoid Cancer

The following cancer tips were mentioned at the Holistic Cancer Congress New Zealand in Auckland, in March/April 2012. You will find many good ideas in this article, just follow as many as you can to optimise your chances for the...

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