Almond Cashew Butter

A Great Peanut Butter Substitute
Now here’s a beauty, you will love the nutty taste of this spread and a welcome change to peanut butter. Peanuts are highly allergenic for some folk, and peanut butter is one food that I’m not keen on kids and adults eating on a daily basis because they many quickly become allergic to it. Want to know if you are allergic to peanut butter? Then stop eating it and all forms of peanut for several weeks and see how you feel – you may be surprised!

Care needs to be taken with cashews as well, but almonds are generally ok unless you have a salicylate allergy, a topic which I will write about one of these days when I get a spare hour or two.

This recipe is so easy to make, and my advice is to use a good machine to make it, like a Vita Mix. If you haven’t already seen the Vita Mix page, do have a look at this most versatile kitchen machine. Once you use it you will be wondering how you ever managed without it!

Always Buy Fresh Nuts

Try to get fresh nuts – taste one, you will soon learn what is fresh and what tastes stale. I’m always surprised to enter a health food shop (and at times shops of high repute too!) and find stale nuts, and I used to get regularly get caught but not any more! That’s why I taste one (or two) to satisfy myself that they are OK. Buy from a shop with a good turnover and a big customer base, supermarkets sometimes sell the freshest nuts for this reason. Avoid mixed nuts, and don’t buy roasted and salted, as you have no idea of their age. If you must have roasted, buy fresh nuts and roast yourself. Keep nuts in the fridge. I actually keep them in the freezer, and keep walnuts in their for up to a year quite successfully.

You can make this recipe from roasted (in the over at 160C for 15 minutes) or try to make it from fresh unroasted nuts. It’s entirely up to you but my belief is that unroasted and unsalted nuts are better for you than the roasted and salted variety.


  • 1/2 Cup Almonds
  • 1/2 Cup Cashews
  • 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil (Try Walnut oil, expensive but what a sensational taste!)
  • Salt. I always use Sea Salt.


Combine the nuts and grind to a fine paste, gradually adding the oil until a fine paste forme. Add salt if desired to taste. Store in a clean glass jar in the refrigerator. This nut butter makes an excellent substitute for peanut butter.