63 Percent Of New Zealanders Now Overweight

Are You Overweight?

Australians and New Zealanders are not getting slimmer, with 63% now overweight or obese. The recently released Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report 3 found that in September, only 35% of New Zealanders had a Body Mass Index (BMI) indicating an acceptable weight, 3% down from 2009. The figures show 28% of the population is obese, up 3% from December 2001.

When looking at New Zealand attitudes towards weight-loss over the last 10 years, similar shifts are reflected with 60 per cent of the population reporting that they would like to be able to lose weight, and 38% saying that they are constantly watching their weight.

Despite this, those who considered a low fat diet a way of life fell 3% to 30% in the same period.

So why are so many Kiwi’s overweight, why do so many men and women struggle in their quest to shed those love handles? There are many answers to these questions, but in my opinion some of the main reasons are as follows:

– Too much time on computer, IPad or browsing those smart phones.
– Less activity, too much time sitting or lying down (with technology?)
– Simply eating too much food.
– Eating the wrong kinds of foods.
– Not chewing food adequately.
– No time for exercise, because of being “too busy”.
– Excessive stress leading to destructive habits (food, alcohol, etc.)

Keep reading the many articles on this website which will give you plenty of ideas on how you can shed those pounds, but more importantly, how to keep them off for good.

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