10 Tips To Avoid Cancer

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Slash Your Cancer Risk With These Tips

The following cancer tips were mentioned at the Holistic Cancer Congress New Zealand in Auckland, in March/April 2012.
You will find many good ideas in this article, just follow as many as you can to optimise your chances for the prevention of many forms of cancer. But if you have been diagnosed, by following these tips faithfully you will increase your chances of the best possible outcome.

1. Drink Pure Alkaline Ionised Water And Avoid Tap Water. It is best to drink several glasses depending on body weight daily between meals to help flush out toxins & hydrate cells. This is vital for prevention, and also if you are doing or have done Chemotherapy.

2. Eat At Least An 80% Plant Foods Diet Rich In Antioxidant And Salvesterol Rich Fruits And Vegetables.  This is one of the most important lifestyle improvements you can make with all types of cancer. Avoid ALL forms of added sugar. Get professional advice from a naturopath ASAP if you have cancer and are unsure about any aspect of your diet & nutrition.

3. Get Daily Exercise In Fresh Unpolluted Air. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes daily. Brisk walking is ideal, swimming, dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc all help oxygenate the lymphatic system and get your oxygen levels elevated. If motivation is low for this get professional help.

4.  Get your Vitamin D3 (25-Hydroxy) levels checked and supplement as directed by your doctor or naturopath. Aim to get your levels above 100. Visit www.naturopath.co.nz for Vit D3 blood testing services & supplies. Vitamin D is most probably the single most important supplement for cancer and is compatible with all forms of Chemo and other nutritional treatments. 

5. Take A Daily Dose Of Vitamin C at an appropriate level for your age & size except on days of IV Chemotherapy if doing this. If you are under stress your body can consume up to 1gram of Vitamin C per hour, you cannot get this level from foods alone. Reduce your stress.

6. Learn To Relax And Meditate Regularly To Reduce Stress. Deal With Stress ASAP. Visit www.fragrantheart.com for free online lessons – these are non religious and do not involve any form of religious indoctrination and are Christian friendly. Develop a daily practice ASAP.

7. Look At Learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and practice it daily as needed to deal with emotional traumas and unresolved issues that crop up. Learn to diffuse negative emotions at source.

8. Surround Yourself With Positive Supportive Psychology (family, friends, therapists, support groups) – see the cup as half full not half empty. Don’t allow yourself to be affected by negative people.

9. Get Your Health And Wellness Checked regularly (including zinc & selenium levels) – annually if you have cancer in the family; every 6 months if you have a past history with cancer; quarterly if you currently have cancer once you are stable. Make sure your chosen therapy team are experienced in holistic options helping you deal with all aspects of cancer especially the emotional & mental.

10. Check Your Alkalinity Regularly – cancer loves an acid environment, hates alkalinity. Contact us for more information, and do read the many other articles on this website relating to cancer and cancer prevention.