Your geographical location will determine how we organise testing for you.
If you are in New Zealand or Australia – please contact to organise test kits for you.  Please do not order the test kits yourself from the links below.
If you are in Europe or elsewhere – we will take your details during the consultation and register you as a patient with DNALifevms or Nordicvms.  We will be able to order your recommended tests through a portal and you will be able to view the results and make payment via the portal and the log-in information that will be sent through to you.

If you are in the United States (and sometimes elsewhere) we will recommend that you contact Direct Labs – info below to order the recommended tests.

Direct Labs

direct labs 2Having access to this for you as a patient gives you discount online blood and laboratory tests with confidential results that put your health and wellness in your hands. Forget simply “curing disease”, let’s prevent it instead by looking at causes. Direct Labs provides direct access to a wide range of laboratory testing for those who want to take charge of their own health and personally monitor their own health and wellness. Direct Labs can assist in the prevention or early detection of disease by providing discounted, high quality online blood and laboratory testing services directly and confidentially to consumers, just like you.

Chances are if you are on this page right now that Eric has sent you to this link so that you can register with Direct Labs. Eric will let you know what tests he feels are the most appropriate ones for your health challenges. You don’t need to be a patient of Naturopath Eric Bakker to have access to these tests however, but a consultaton will be required if you wish Eric to  interpret the results for you.

Most patients who consult  with Eric will at some stage require functional medicine testing, whether it be blood, urine, saliva or stool testing. Direct Labs are based in the USA, but Eric has patients in many other countries who have used their testing services as well. Some (only a few) tests are not available outside the USA, but many are. International orders for test kits are charged the international shipping fee assigned by USPS, with a small handling fee.  Please contact Direct Labs to inquire if you unsure of the country you live in.  If you are not in the USA you will also be responsible for the return shipping of the biological samples which may pose difficulties.  If you live in Australia or New Zealand it is best to contact Tracee

Direct labs Contact

The phone number for Direct Labs is 1-800-908-0000. The code R-EBN is only for phone orders. There is no code needed to place an order on line. Just make sure you are on   Email:

For All phone orders it is important to give the code R-EBN and let the Customers Services Representatives know that Eric Bakker ND from New Zealand referred you.  Otherwise you can order through  the link 

 Frequently Asked Direct Lab Questions

  • I feel healthy, so why should I get tested? A serious medical condition such as heart disease, prostate cancer or diabetes can exist without noticeable symptoms for up to two years. Early detection is your best defense. A simple blood test can increase your chances of identifying potential medical conditions, and establish a baseline of your normal ranges from which future tests can be monitored.
  • Is this covered by insurance? Direct Labs (DLS) does not file insurance claims. We can provide you with CPT codes so that you may file for reimbursement yourself.  DLS cannot guarantee that your claim will be reimbursed. Contact your insurance provider for your benefits and reimbursement options.
  • Will Medicare reimburse me? Direct Access Testing is not reimbursable by Medicare.
  •  Do I need to see my healthcare provider to get tested? Direct access testing allows greater participation in one’s own healthcare. Your healthcare provider can refer you to DLS, but it’s not a requirement. However, you will be asked to provide the specific name of the test you wish to order. DLS is not allowed to make any test recommendations. You can feel secure that DLS uses the same labs as healthcare providers and hospitals, which are CLIA-certified and regulated by appropriate governmental agencies.
  • What is the testing procedure? First you order your test online, through chat or by telephone. You then print your requisition form from your secure MyDLS® account which you must have with you when you go to the patient service center for your blood draw. The lab will not draw your blood without the requisition*. There, your blood is drawn by a certified phlebotomist. The results are received by our office generally within 24-48 hours for most tests and uploaded to your secure online account. *When you go to the lab to have your blood drawn, only take our requisition and your photo ID with you. If you bring a requisition to the lab OTHER than the one provided by DLS, you will receive a bill from the lab for which you will be responsible, even if our requisition is meant to replace that one.  Bring NO other requisition besides ours.  If you go to another lab that is not included in our list of patient service centers, you be also be responsible for the bill from that lab.
  • How do I place an order?  You can place an order online at, or call (800) 908-0000. You simply select the tests you want to order and then proceed to checkout. DLS accepts all major credit cards. To protect you and your credit card information, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which is the industry standard and among the best software available for secure commerce transactions. SSL sends your credit card number to our computer in an encrypted code, which only we can decode. DirectLabs® is fully PCI compliant.
  • What should I do if I can’t find the test I’m looking for? If there is a test you are interested in but cannot find on the website, please call us at (800) 908-0000 and we will be happy to discuss the availability of the test.
  • I want to place more than one order. Why can’t I change the name in my order? Due to Federal HIPAA laws, private medical information cannot be shared without written consent, not even with a spouse. To ensure compliance with these laws our system is set up so once the account is set up in someone’s name and date of birth, those fields cannot be changed. If you wish to place an order for more than one person, a separate account will need to be created for each individual.
  • There is a doctor listed on my requisition form that is not my doctor. Why is this? The doctor that is listed on your requisition is our ordering Medical Director for your state.
  • How long do I have before my test expires? Your order never expires. If you have not used your requisition within 6 months, you will need to contact us so that we can reactivate your requisition within the lab’s system.
  • Can I cancel my order? After an order has been processed, you may cancel prior to the collection of the specimen. The refund will be equal to the price of the test less a $25 cancellation fee, if cancelled within six (6) months from date of order. There are no refunds issued after six (6) months. However, with Sabre Science specialty kits refunds cannot be issued until unused kit is received by DirectLabs®.
  • Should I fast before taking the test? It depends on the test. If fasting is required for your test, it will be noted in the “Additional Information” box on your requisition or in the test description in the View Test menu. It is recommended that you avoid food and liquids for a minimum of 10 hours when testing for glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides. However, make sure you drink plenty of water so that you are well-hydrated for optimal results.
  • What is a patient service center? Patient Service Centers are certified laboratories where patients have blood drawn. These centers are staffed by licensed phlebotomists, and are the same facilities referred to by healthcare providers.
  • Is there a location near me? In an effort to provide the best lab experience possible, DirectLabs® has partnered with Quest Diagnostics® as our lab service provider for standard tests. DirectLabs® does not accept Quest orders for customers under 18 years of age. Quest Diagnostics® is an independently contracted national lab company. Regardless of where you live, our requisitions can NOT be used at lab locations in the states of MD, NJ, NY and RI. Be sure to contact your chosen site prior to your test to determine if special preparation is required, such as fasting, diet restriction or administration of medication.DLS uses only nationwide CLIA-certified medical reference laboratories with Patient Service Centers close to where you live or work. Special arrangements can be made for an area without a facility. To find a location nearest you use the Lab Locator Page.
  • Do I need an appointment? An appointment is usually not required at most Patient Service Centers. We encourage our customers to call the lab location they choose to confirm their hours of operation and that an appointment is not required.
  • My specialty lab test kit is to be mailed to me. When should I expect to receive this? We mail all specialty lab kits, nationally*, at no charge to you via USPS Priority Mail. If you wish to have items over-night to you through avenues such as FedEx or USPS Postal mail, there will be a full shipping charge assessed to your credit card. Such service will need to be requested specifically. *International orders for kits are charged the international shipping fee assigned by USPS, with a small handling fee.
  • I have ordered a specialty lab test kit that requires a blood draw. Where should I go to have my blood drawn? If your specialty lab test requires a blood draw, you are responsible for locating a lab that will draw that sample for you. The lab collecting the sample may charge a fee for the blood draw.
  • My spouse, or parent/child, has lost their username and password. Can I call in and get that information for them? Due to Federal HIPAA laws, all medical information is private and can only be given to the person the test is for. If the child is under 18, of course the parent or legal guardian can access their account. However, once someone is 18 years or older their account information and results are confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone without express written consent. These laws also apply to spouses.
  • Are my results confidential? Yes, except when laws require reporting positive results to government agencies. We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. You are the only one who receives the results unless you specify otherwise, with a signed HIPAA release. Not even your insurance company will obtain results from DLS and/or its associates without written consent from you.
  • Will I be able to understand the results? All test results include the normal reference ranges, with abnormalities indicated. We recommend you see your healthcare provider to discuss results outside normal ranges. For assistance in better understanding lab tests and results, please visit
  • When will I receive the results? Please view test descriptions for expected turnaround time for each test. Most results are available in as little as 24-48 hours after your blood is drawn. You will receive an email when your results have been uploaded to your secure online account. You can then login to view or print your results. Our system is not set up to receive partial results. Results for an order are uploaded when all tests have been processed. If you need test results within 24-48 hours, create a separate order for the tests that take longer.
  • Will I get my results via email? Due to HIPAA policies, results are not emailed. However, an email will be sent to you notifying you that your results have been uploaded to your secure online account.
  • Can I request a rush job on my results? Unfortunately, no. The lab has a specific time frame for their tests and the results cannot be rushed.
  • How reliable are the results? We use leading national laboratories, which are fully accredited, licensed medical reference labs.
  • What if I receive an abnormal result? Abnormalities should be considered an early warning, but do not necessarily mean you have an illness or disease. We strongly recommend you discuss the results with your healthcare provider for evaluation, further testing and diagnosis.
  • What if I have questions about the results? Questions regarding abnormal results should be discussed with your provider, or Naturopath Eric Bakker. For customer service related questions, please call (800) 908-0000, ext. 312.
  • Will my healthcare provider receive a copy of my results? We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. You are the only one who receives the results unless you specify otherwise in writing. We can send a copy of your results to your Healthcare Provider only with a signed HIPAA release form from you giving us the authorization to do so.