Eric Bakker N.D.

Who Is Eric Bakker N.D.?

Eric-in-Room-150x150You may be reading this because you’ve been suffering from an acute or chronic condition, or because you have recognized that there’s something just not right about your health in general. While I have not personally experienced all of the complaints people consult me about, I’ve certainly seen many patients in my 30 years of practice who have.

Over the years many people have sought advice because they have suffered with low energy levels, headaches, many kinds of sleeping and energy problems, adrenal fatigue and thyroid complaints such as Hashimotos thyroiditis or grave’s disease, indigestion, constipation parasite or Candida issues along with digestive problems, food cravings, arthritis, tinnitus, herpes, acne, hemorrhoids, libido issues, chronic skin conditions like acne or psoriasis and a whole host of other health complaints.

I’m pleased to say that many patients have fully regained their health by making recommended diet and lifestyle changes.  I love my work and feel blessed to be able to be part of a person’s recovery, in some cases, of a chronic condition they may have had for many years. Many patients were written-off’ by the medical profession long ago, and told ‘there is nothing more we can do’. The patients I’ve seen in our clinic range from working mums (or moms if you are US based), stay at home parents, business owners, air traffic controllers, bus drivers, university professors, medical doctors, actors, musicians, politicians, academics, IT professionals, tax drivers, olympic athletes, school children, babies, etc.

Over the decades, I started doing research, learning everything I could about about various specialties in health such as complex adrenal and thyroid complaints, digestive problems like heartburn, candida, gallbladder problems, constipation, ‘incurable’ skin conditions like psoriasis (please see The Psoriasis Program), hormonal issues like PMS, menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome, various auto-immune diseases, different kinds of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout and more.

After many case presentations, and countless investigations including many different kinds of tests (stool testing, blood testing, hair testing, saliva analysis) and countless hours of research, I slowly started to work on, developing different lifestyle and dietary programs for my patients.  Not a “quick fix” by any means, but always looking to help them find a permanent resolution from their chronic conditions. I have worked with clients utilizing many different kinds of diets as well as many hundreds of different dietary supplements from countless companies and natural products until I came up with what I believe to be the most effective clinical programs based on my own personal clinical experiences. I have formulated many different dietary supplements and specialized herbal medicines both for myself and various companies over the years, and many have become best sellers.


Eric Bakker and Dr. Wilson

I believe I have progressed and continued to grow in my profession  partly due to the fact that for the past twenty years I’ve been involved as a technical and clinical services consultant to the natural medicine industry. I have had the opportunity to research and lecture on various topics and regularly present educational seminars to health-care professionals on many different topics in Australia and New Zealand. Many of my mentors are experts in their own respective fields, for example Dr. James Wilson, adrenal fatigue expert, and Dr. Joseph Collins, women’s hormonal expert.

Today, I’m pleased to tell you that many chronic patients who have come to our clinic have never enjoyed better health. Many are very happy with their recoveries, they are full of energy and many of their long-endured health problems have been resolved, they have a feeling of health and well being that many have never experienced before.

Here’s wishing you the very best of health, naturally!

Eric Sig

Are You A Natural Medicine Specialist?

My specialtyIMG_0106 is natural medicine, particularly integrative IM) medicine, the combination of the best of science combined with the healing power of nature. As mentioned previously, over the past twenty-six years, our clinic has been treating and specializing in different types of chronic health conditions. In that time, I’ve developed many successful treatment programs based on many successfully treated cases of chronic diseases, including candida yeast infections, psoriasis, many digestive problems, herpes, acne, tinnitus, heartburn, different forms of arthritis, and much more. Many of these conditions are notoriously difficult to treat, and many practitioners have a tendency to treat such complaints mainly by recommending different kinds of drugs or dietary supplements for symptoms (like insomnia, depression, constipation, etc.), while generally making similar dietary recommendations for all patients and only rarely offer the most appropriate lifestyle advice to suit the patients they are dealing with at the time.

I’ve discovered that to be a specialist in natural medicine, and to be most effective in helping chronic patients facilitate the changes they need to shift their chronic health patterns, you need to give highly specialized information relevant only to that person. For example, an air traffic controller with insomnia and anxiety will require entirely different advice than a woman recovering with breast cancer with the same complaints. A taxi driver with chronic constipation likewise will need a different set of diet, lifestyle and supplementation instructions than a six year old girl with the same condition. Experience makes the difference here, and a natural medicine specialist will know that this highly specialized information can be the difference between symptomatic treatment or a most satisfactory outcome of complete recovery for that patient.

Patients generally will find my approach to natural medicine and chronic conditions to be a complete and comprehensive approach to helping them solve the puzzle to their complaints, and my approach has been designed to ensure (if possible) a permanent solution rather than symptomatic relief. What other health-care professionals say about me.

Are You A Medical Doctor?

I am not a conventional medicine doctor, but rather a naturopathic practitioner.   Although in the United States of America I am known as a naturopathic doctor with my qualification level, in New Zealand and Australia we recognise only chiropractors (in the natural health field) as doctors unless one has a PhD qualification. Ultimately, it does not matter what a practitioner is called, at the end of the day or what initials he or she has behind their name. It is the results achieved in the clinic that really count, and outstanding clinical results are generally achieved after many years of serious study and clinical practice in a specialty such as natural medicine. Many patients have travelled long distances to attend our clinic in the North Island of New Zealand,  and now connect via  Skype, or FaceTime (Mac) and others call me on the telephone. I enjoy clinical practice and still consult with patients on a regular basis. You can always book a consultation if you wish.

What Are Your Credentials?

eric_bakker_2012_clinicI am the clinical director of a New Zealand naturopathic clinic called The Naturopaths Ltd., and hold a Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Complementary Medicine, as well as separate diploma and degree qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. I have completed almost ten years of study and have 27+ years of clinical experience in natural and integrative forms of medicine, and have pursued continuous post-graduate study in Australia, America, India as well as in New Zealand. I would like to believe that I have been a respected consultant to the natural medicine industry in both NZ and Australia for more than 20 years. I am the past Vice President of the NZ Natural Medicine Association and am currently on their editorial advisory board. In addition, I regularly write for the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine. I am a professional member of the New Zealand Natural Medicine Association

What Other Qualifications Do You Have?

nutrisearchIn 2006, I founded a leading New Zealand nutritional company called Nutrisearch, offering an exclusive range of practitioner-only nutritional supplements, including my personally developed range of professional products called ‘Naturopathsown’, a small and highly researched range produced to my exacting standards. I attend the latest national and international natural and integrative medicine conferences as well as many health expos in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and in America annually to keep up with the latest science in natural medicine and trends, and have always followed the cutting edge in natural medicine.

You can read much more about my background in the natural health industry, my qualifications as well as the many professional recommendations given to me by many leading health-care professionals. Go to Linkedin.

Why Do You Call Yourself A Writer And Natural Health Researcher?

I created this website in 2007 as a resource of information for those who are looking for a safer yet effective alternative to conventional medical treatments of any chronic diseases. This extensive website contained several hundred articles on most chronic illnesses and what natural medicine has to offer, these articles have since been transferred to this website, Our website has tens of thousands of views each week, check it out yourself and you will see that I love to research and write on natural health. I have written a most comprehensive book called Candida Crusher, over 700 pages, and also a specialized program for those  with psoriasis called The Psoriasis Program.

Are You An International Lecturer?

ericwellparkI lecture regularly to the public, my popular public health seminars series include topics such as “Are You Heart Smart”, “The Art Of Stress Management and Adrenal Fatigue”, and “Detox To Thrive”, “Skin Deep” and “Hard To Stomach”.

In addition, I present topics at natural medicine colleges throughout Australia and NZ, as well as researching and writing for several journals, websites and health publications. I’ve been invited to speak at Wellpark College in NZ on numerous occasions, New Zealand’s leading provider of degree level naturopathic education.

In addition, I lecture to various medical associations such as the Australasian Integrated Medical Association, and have presented on adrenal fatigue, and will be presenting on Hashimotos thyroiditis and Candida yeast infections in August 2014 in Sydney, Australia, for their 20th Annual International Integrative Medicine Conference.

Here’s what others say about my health presentations:

  • “I thought it was a great seminar! Presented in a relaxed style, Eric is very knowledgeable and the complex information was presented in a way that made it very easy to understand”. Jacqui Ellingham
  • “Thanks Eric so much for inspiring me to do better with my health ” Deb Sheard
  • “Fantastic presentation, powerful message, most informative. I’ve learned a lot”. Jan Sotherby
  • “It was a great learning curve”. Eric has this ability to speak with authority on natural health yet can explain complex topics with ease. My husband and I have read many of Eric’s excellent articles, he writes as well as he speaks”. Susan Cornthwaite
  • “Highly informative with lots of simple & positive things I can take away with me to make my life less stressful. Good seminar pitched at improving my overall health”. Katrina Fovakis
  • “I found Eric very easy to listen to and understand. A very down to earth speaker. I will be telling other people to come to his seminars. Judy Grant
  • “Eric’s excellent presentation was a potpourri of things I have read and studied in the past and needed reminding of. However, I have never seen or known about the important connection between stress and psoriasis”. Wishing to remain anonymous
  • “Very interesting, very knowledgeable presenter, would love to hear more from him”. Jenny Barker
  • “I have read a lot the Eric has written – It was interesting to hear an evening’s talk of his many years of experience”. Ruth McIver
  • “Eric has this ability to be able to explain complex medical/physiological concepts in a clear, simple and humorous way that any person can easily understand”. Chris Chaplin
  • “These seminars are excellent, informative, encouraging, inspiring and enjoyable opportunity to learn about health and wellbeing . Eric’s seminars are life changing”. Trish Ives
  • “Learned heaps and will definitely change my way of living and thinking. Very though provoking”. Annette McLachlan
  • “A great speaker, lots of humor and relevant information” Pamela Rountree
  • “Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experiences with us” Anna Finlayson-Smith
  • “I’d like to see you back more regularly, I enjoyed your talk tremendously” Geoff Arentsen

Why Are You A Superior Choice When It Comes To Natural Medicine?

Because I have treated many thousands of different patients in over thirty countries from all walks of life for the past twenty-six years. I am a highly experienced clinician, writer and natural health researcher and presenter besides a nutritional and herbal supplement formulator. my natural medicine programs have been used by many tens of thousands of patients world-wide in countries such as the USA and Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, India, Pakistan, Hawaii, Tahiti, as well as many more countries.

How Can You Help Me With My Health Problem?

I certainly can help you by offering my vast experience in the clinic and have helped a large amount of patients presenting with many different kinds of health problems, many committed patients can very well end up with a most satisfactory end result. I can at times offer help particularly in cases where patients have been to several health care professionals with limited, poor or even no results. My comprehensive programs can help you, because they have helped many just like you.

What Is Your Background? What Got You Started?

I have always had an interest in chronic and “incurable” conditions. I started getting serious with treating patients in the early 1990’s, and began to develop my own methods over a period of several years after studying and applying knowledge over a prolonged period of time. My programs (like The Psoriasis Program and Candida Crusher, for example) often take several years to perfect and is the result of much trial and error and extensive clinical practice.

How Can You Get Me What I Need Quickly?

My treatment programs offer advice built around getting you results sooner rather than later, but lasting and more permanent results come to those who adopt my dietary and lifestyle methods in the long-term. While there are some quick and instant solutions offered in the programs and treatment recommendations, my treatment programs were NOT designed to give you an overnight cure. Those looking for a magic instant cure will be disappointed.

Do You Offer Superior Advice?

I believe I do, I often see patients who have been treated by many physicians (sometimes even by a dozen or more) and have treated many patients who travel far and wide to seek out my services. I realistically believe that I have developed a high level of clinical skill in treating and achieving results with chronic patients, enabling me to assist those with seemingly “incurable” complaints, even of many years duration.

Can You Help Me Narrow Down My Choices In Products And Other Stuff?

I certainly can, and can show you exactly what you need and when you need it, saving you time and money. In my experience, many patients who come to me with chronic health problems have spent TOO MUCH money on doctor’s visits, tests, dietary supplements and special foods. With my advice, I outline in detail what you need and when you need it. Over 75% of your results will come from adopting the right dietary and lifestyle habits and my treatment recommendations explain all.

How Quickly Can I Take Action And Achieve My Goal To Get Rid Of My Problems?

You can see results in as little as four weeks, but typically I expect patients with chronic problems to begin to feel good after several months, and after 6 months many should start to feel significantly better than they have in a long time.

What Is The Difference Between What You Offer And Other Related Web Sites Or Books?

Good question. Most all other books I have purchased online myself have been written by persons with little to absolutely NO experience in treating patients in a clinical setting like I have. These people had some chronic complaint, like psoriasis, w weight issue, arthritis, etc, wrote a book about it and then sold the book about their experience of curing their own health problems. My programs however, are based on over twenty-five years of treating countless patients with all types of chronic conditions.

I discovered what works and what doesn’t work through sheer trial and error. You will be surprised at some of my suggestions that are different from what you have read in the conventional books. Some books and e-books I have bought were a total waste of money, with poor advice based on no research or any clinical work.

What Experience Have Other Doctors Had With You?

Pretty positive I’d like to believe, I have a reputation amongst many practitioners of natural and conventional medicine in Australia and New Zealand as a being a trouble shooter when it comes to offering advice with regard to chronic complex cases of many chronic and complex diseases of modern society such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many different presentations of digestive illness such as ulcerative colitis, constipation, gallbladder disease, etc. I have a particular interest in pharmaceutical drug induced illness and am fully conversant with blood and pathology based medical testing. I have worked in conjunction with medical doctors in several medical clinics for most of my career.

Can I Trust You?

I’d like to believe that you can fully trust me. My intentions are to partner with you and help you to the best of my ability in fully assisting you to overcome your health complaints. I have no interest in deception, trickery or making false promises and am only interested in outstanding results with my patients. My reputation is based on achieving the best results, nothing more or less.

What Proof Do You Have That I Should Trust You, Your Site Or Your Treatment Programs?

As I previously mentioned, you may wish to read the Testimonials page and you will discover that there are many stories from successfully treated patients with all manner of chronic complex illness going back to 1988. Don’t believe they are real testimonials? You are always welcome to come and visit my clinic if you happen to be in New Zealand, I have all of these genuine testimonials from patients in a file, they have either been handwritten or emailed.

Other Places You Can Find Me

If you are on Google+ then you can add me in your circles: Eric Bakker ND