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Eric_Bakker_ND_Consultation_1A consultation with naturopath Eric Bakker is built around listening to each individual’s health story. During the initial consultation, an in-depth and detailed case history is taken, including detailed medical, diet and exercise history, as well as lifestyle and occupational habits to gain a holistic sense of the person’s health picture.
Eric offers an innovative approach with substantial information and real answers personally for you. For 27 years, Eric Bakker has helped many thousands of people like you improve their health by making nutritional and lifestyle changes … with changes recommended often were never advised of by anyone else…

Eric enjoys consultations because they provide an important connection to help him understand the real issues that most people are struggling with today. This challenges him to find the very best solutions to help you overcome issues that may have been plaguing you, even for decades.

Private consultations are tailored to your specific needs. Eric will begin by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your symptoms and overall health, and then will work with you to create a complete plan to begin your journey toward wellness. In a single consultation, you will leave with a foundation of wellness to build upon, and an entire health program will be mapped out specifically for you over the course of one or several (generally monthly) consultations. But why naturopathy? You may like to read why a professional naturopath can often give you insight into a chronic health problem when a medical practitioner may just be interested in a ten-minute consultation that may well include a prescription for a drug.

An initial consultation generally is one hour in length. Be sure to book initially for one hours if your case is chronic and complex, some patients book half-an-hour initially which then does not leave sufficient time for the many questions they may have. The treatment recommendations are based on each individual’s goals, abilities, as well as limitations. The treatment is also designed so each person feels comfortable with it and is ready to integrate it into his or her daily life. Eric recognizes and respects that each person is unique and therefore the healing plan that is developed must be reflective of each person’s individuality – one size does not fit all.

A person’s treatment recommendations will change and develop as they continue to improve their health and well-being. Follow-up consultations to gauge the changes that have occurred in a person’s health concerns generally last 30 minutes. The frequency and number of follow-up consultations is entirely dependent on each individual case. Generally, Eric likes to see his patients on a monthly basis, but this may change to fortnightly or even weekly in certain circumstances.

Our Basic One-Page Health Questionnaire

  • This is the health questionnaire all patients complete before they see us. For your convenience, simply print off the Health Questionnaire, complete this form and then bring it you (or scan and email it to us completed) BEFORE you come in (or before we see you on Skype) for your appointment. You can download the easy to fill out the The Basic Health Questionnaire simply by clicking on the link. Please remember to bring  this form or scan and email the completed form if you have a phone or Skype consultation when you come for your consultation, thank you. Be sure to take any copies of tests, reports and your current medications or supplements in on the first visit.

Have Your Voice Recorder Ready

The amount of information you will receive during your consultation can be substantial, and many patients comment on how comprehensive the information was which they received. Eric’s almost 30 years’ of clinical experience in treating just about every conceivable acute and chronic complaint allows him to draw from his extensive knowledge base. Have your mobile phone or voice recorder ready and record your consultation, that way you will be able to listen back and learn more.

Case Taking Forms


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Skype Are you interested in a consultation yet live too far to come to our clinic? Many patients around the world now contact Eric on Skype.

For your convenience, you can book a Skype consultation by clicking the Book Now Button and purchasing a consultation just like you would a product. You will be emailed and notified of your purchase and a convenient time will be scheduled to suit you.

How to Become a Patient

If naturopathic treatment is what you have been considering, we encourage you to have a first hand experience in our practice. It’s easy to get started!

In the first instance, consider an online booking today. With patient openings throughout the day, you can arrange your own consultation time with our online booking system that perfectly fits in with your hectic schedule. It couldn’t be easier with automatic online  time zone converter!

The first consultation is often helpful in determining if you’re likely to be a good candidate for naturopathic care in the longer term, and to see if we can work with you to help you achieve your goals of health and well being. The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Make your booking and get started today!

Confidentiality is assured

Eric will never provide your email address or contact details to any third party, your email address would only be used by us to send you our newsletter if you decide to sign up to our News list section from which you can “unsubscribe” at any time as well. All your personal details remain strictly confidential, we absolutely respect your privacy. Eric has treated many high-profile national and international clients over the years, including people involved in the movie industry and television, sports stars as well as very well know musicians and even a few rock stars. Confidentiality has always been of the utmost importance in Eric’s practice when dealing with clients, their privacy and their respective health challenges.

Contact after your consultation

It is important to mention that Eric cannot maintain an email dialogue with his many international patients between consultations, his limited time simply prohibits this kind of ongoing one-on-one interaction. The best solution is to write all your questions down and ask these at the time of your initial or follow-up consultation. Follow-up consultations can be scheduled by you the patient at any time, especially if you need to know more or have many questions to ask. Be sure to ask as many questions as you want at the initial consultation, and by voice recording your consultation your will be able to listen back and get all the information you need.

Are you waiting for any test results?

It may take a few weeks before you get to see Eric again after your initial consultation, and it is best not to make too many changes to your diet, lifestyle or supplements during this stage until your test results come back. Wait until you discuss with Eric before you decide on making changes, the test results may well hold important information that may influence the course of your treatment.

Eric’s Promise To You

  1. To the best of my ability and judgement I undertake to assist our clients in re-establishing the balance and harmony synonymous with good health and healthy lifestyle practices.
  2. My clinic aims to motivate, empower and inspire our clients to achieve their maximum health, vitality and longevity potential through natural health by way of our nutritional education programs and seminars, natural treatments and healthy lifestyle support.
  3. To help prevent premature chronic ill health, by positively impacting on the future of our client’s health and well-being.
  4. My clinic will commit to reinforce the totality concept of healing, to always facilitate and educate our clients into self-healing and at the same time to accept and respect people’s individual needs and wants.
  5. My staff and I respect our own unique constitutions so that we will be a natural example of healthful balance to our clients.
  6. We will never knowingly prescribe any substance or give professional advice which may cause harm to our clients.
  7. We will always respect the privacy of our clients and fellow practitioners and at all times keep confidential any dealings between us.
  8. Our actions will always demonstrate our professional integrity to our clients, our art as natural health-care professionals as well as to our fellow practitioners.